THE FLUKE ILLUMINATOR by John M. Bennett & Michael Peters


Full Color, 74 pp.

These Illuminations were created between 2001 to 2015. They could be called Visual Poems or Visual Stories or Art or Totemic Screens, or something else entirely. To create them, something like five “starts”—a few letters or an image or a rubber stamp or some combination thereof—were sent out in the mail (the first nine were done together at an artist's residency), and when these were added to by the receiving collaborator, the same five “Fluke Illuminations” were sent back to the original sender along with five new Fluke “starts.” Materials in this overlapping process include alphabetic stamps, graphite pencils, colored pencils, rubber stamps, typewriters, handwriting, newspaper and magazine images, black ink, magic markers, and both acrylic paint and white exterior house paint. The result is a stunningly beautiful body of work that will repay many revisitings.




COMO VENÍA DICIENDO by Javier Alejandro Robledo

Javier Alejandro Robledo


Poesía y poesía visual



Javier Robledo will never be a poète maudit; that, for sure, is far too easy to do. What is clear is that he has more than just one kind of poetic practice: a metaphysical poetry, prose poetry, visual poetry, object poetry, performative poetry... In short, he is a being engaged in implanting a lightning bolt in the hidden cavity of a sphinx, in order to illuminate the astonishing bottom of the abyss.


Robledo nunca será un poeta maldito, ya sabemos que eso es fácil. En todo caso podemos afirmar que tiene más de dos poéticas: una poesía metafísica, una poesía en prosa, poesía visual, poesía objetual, poesía performática...en fin, un personaje empeñado en plantar un rayo en el hueco oculto de una esfinge, para que alumbre sorpresivamente el fondo del abismo.


-Juan Ángel Italiano



En Español

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la M al by John M. Bennett  

2nd Edition Revised 2015

A Co-Edition with Luna Bisonte Prods, USA & gradient books, Finland

$15 US

ISBN 9781938521201

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From the opening poem, “...mumbling in the/attic “roof” out there, mud beyond my head...”, this revised and definitive 2nd edition of John M. Bennett's classic  la M al confirms its position as one of the poet's best works. Bennett has created a unique language to express the depth and complexity (or the complexity has created the language), of thought and emotion, or emotional thought that are the core of human experience:



a laundry think .but think re diction think a congeries

of faucets faucets like yr “running-sore” a window to a

moon .“a moon all” right a tab le o yr “lips were draped...


The language swarms, swells and ebbs, shatters and recoheres, turns and returns, in patterns that resonate with all the currents, hidden and visible, of the self or selves that inhabit us. An essential book that fully realizes the possibilities of language to contain and know what is.



ARTHUR DIES: Chronicle One, Vol. 1 by Olchar E. Lindsann

ARTHUR DIES is well-suited as a performance text (via a three hour stint), and performance poetry is definitely Olchar Lindsann's area of expertise. He studied performance, writing and critical theory at Dartington College of Arts in England. The long-term project ARTHUR DIES approaches Epic Poetry through the experience of the avant-garde tradition--Lettristic, Otherstream, Symbolist & Post-Structuralist in inspiration. Of this text, Olchar says that it "relates to the impossibility of permanent utopia that is at the root of the Arthurian mythos, and at the heart of any attempt to compose an Epic at our particular historical and cultural moment. How do we respond to the problematic associations with monarchism, nationalism, patriarchy, patriotism, organised religion, etc.? How do we reconcile the element of epic & lyric inspiration in Speech with the subversive, annihilating nature of Writing?"

Poetry, 87 pp., $19.75

ISBN 9781938521218


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DUO POEMATA: Ilion - A Transcription & Altertumwissenschaft by Ivan Argüelles

DUO POEMATA by Ivan Argüelles, 2015


117 pages

ISBN 978-1-938521-19-5



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Ivan Argüelles received the Poetry Society of America's William Carlos Williams Award in 1989 as well as the Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award in 2010. Jack Foley says of these poems, "Their vast reach and their vast reading include the Classics and the realm of Pound’s Cantos, where the dead and the living mingle. James Joyce’s “nighttown” is here as well, and we feel the constant presence of the author’s identical twin, José (1939-2011). These poems are not for the faint of feeling or the faint of intellect, but they are for those who value poetry, literature, the world".. and he then quotes the following from the book: women skilled in weaving and ornamentation you shall have/ to accompany you to the other earth and to hold in your hand/ a distaff and by your side a harp to sing the lonely nights/ in the labyrinth of sleep….

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