Lost and Found Times

Lost and Found Times has created its own vital culture which its readers and contributors continue to both add to and draw from. Many of the latter have had a long relationship with the magazine and, through it, with each other, generating a high proportion of collaborative works.

From its origins in mail art to its more recent participation at the edges of language (and what is coming to be called post-language) poetry, Lost and Found Times provides a model of how marginalized cultural workers can create productive areas of engagement within a network of activity. — from Loose Watch.

avant wordart & wordless 1975-2005

“I consider the magazine one of most outstanding compendiums of international experimental literature and poetry. It is one of the few periodicals that I subscribe to in duplicate because I believe that it will have long lasting importance as a poetic mark of our times.” — Marvin Sackner

“Insults...the past 3,000 years of literature.” — THE NATION

Editor: John M. Bennett

Consultant: C. Mehrl Bennett

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ISSN: 1083-6780

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