Ivan Argüelles



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If proof were needed that Surrealism is a spontaneous expression of the poetic mind, Ivan Argüelles would be the one to provide it. In the tradition of the madder, darker, and more mystical Surrealists like René Crevel and Antonin Artaud, Argüelles weaves his mad web of images out of an impossible depth. Unlike the more superficial image makers who lay claim to the Surrealist label out of sheer laziness or because “it looks easy”, Argüelles is genuine. - Andrei Codrescu. LA INTERRUPCIÓN CONVERSACIONAL is a whirl, a while, a whirlwind of words that upends the petty poetries that fill the zines and bore even their practitioners. It is simultaneously a tip of the chapeau to the great practitioners—Pound, Joyce, Burroughs—and a wild announcement that there's something more to say. It is pure Argüelles, shot through with the impurities of passion, the unread Classics, and all sorts of exotic foreign literatures and cultures. -Jack Foley.


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RASCIBLE & KEMPT, vol. 2, by Jim Leftwich

RASCIBLE & KEMPT: Meditations & Explorations in and Around the Poem, vol. 2

rascible & kempt-vol.2 grapples with the new poetics in ways that are ideal for the subjects addressed. These essays, conversations, collaborative adventures, and reports from the inside explain and celebrate some of the most innovative writing and literary explorations on the scene today. As Olchar Lindsann puts it, “From reading to writing, thought to non-thought, vast macrohistorical analysis to sub-lettral investigations, epistemology to pragmatics, discourses: poetics, linguistics, hermeticism, economics, history, psychology, politics, metaphysics, and more.” Among the writers engaged with are Thomas L. Taylor, César Figueiredo, Steve Dalachinsky, John M. Bennett, Rea Nikonova, Amy Trussel, Lanny Quarles, Mike Basinski, Jake Berry, John High, Scott MacLeod, David Baptiste Chirot, and many others, including a posse of fascinating heteronymic writers. If you are puzzled by the mysteries of this new avant-garde, these volumes will go a long way to illuminate them.



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RASCIBLE & KEMPT, vol. 1, by Jim Leftwich

RASCIBLE & KEMPT: Meditations and Explorations in and Around the Poem, vol. 1

VOLUME 1 (of 2) Rascible & Kempt bears geode-like secrets, exposing the living nerves of a geography where the beating heart of the avant guard glows lava red, while the book itself is a geology of Leftwich's life-long question to his own calling: How to keep all modes of writing “absolutely as OPEN as possible.” This book is as much a training manual as it is a mechanism to reignite the fires of poetry. -Michael Peters, author of Vaast Bin and other language artworks. About Rascible & Kempt: From reading to writing, thought to non-thought, vast macrohistorical analysis to sub-lettral investigations, epistemology to pragmatics, discourses: poetics, linguistics, hermeticism, economics, history, psychology, politics, metaphysics, and more. -Olchar E. Lindsann, author of ARTHUR DIES and other books, editor of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press



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NEW POEMS by Peter Ganick

NEW POEMS by Peter Ganick

Peter Ganick's New Poems is a major development in his extensive work. His unique, complex meditative style is condensed into short, brilliant, resonant, and enigmatic poems. Jonathan Penton says, “...every moment is alive with multiple meanings...” These poems thus reveal the swarm of worlds or memories that lies within our consciousness. As Sheila E. Murphy says, this book reveals “...a weltanschauung of precision, power, and humor that give back to us first things...”


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TRANSDUCTIONES by Fabio Doctorovich


Fabio Doctorovich - With Texts/Visuals/Transductions by John M. Bennett

Luna Bisonte Prods & Postypographika, 2016

These transductions (transducciones in Spanish, transductiones in Spanglish) began as a series of digital images found on the web through the use of a search term in Google, and looking at those results that appeared with the tag of “images”. Thus, some of the photographs or drawings of faces and bodies, human as well as animal, were found using the search term “bioconjugates”. These make up the poem “Bioconjugates: Faces and Bodies”. I found that a logical ordering of the images could occur by using the rules of textual poetry: stanzas, lines, and rhyme. The icons were arranged in accordance with those rules, and the resulting poem was transduced to text by John Bennett, and re-transduced into images by me. One can also begin with a text, which is transduced to images, and then re-transduced to text (as in the poem “Patria o Buitres”).


Las transducciones (transductions en inglés, transductiones en Espanglish) co-menzaron como una serie de imágenes digitales encontradas en la web bajo algún término introducido en el buscador de Google, mirando las que aparecen bajo el vínculo “Imágenes”. Así, algunas de las fotografías o dibujos correspon-dientes a caras y cuerpos, tanto humanos como animales, encontrados al buscar “bioconjugates”, conforman el poema “Bioconjugates: las caras y los cuerpos”. Encontré que un ordenamiento lógico de las imágenes resultaba de utilizar las reglas de la poesía textual: estrofas, versos, y rima. Los íconos fueron entonces ordenados de acuerdo a estas reglas, y el poema resultante fue transducido a texto por John Bennett, y re-transducido a imágenes por mí. También puede partirse de un texto, que es transducido a imágenes, y luego re-transducido a texto (poema “Patria o Buitres”).


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