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THE SWEATING LAKE by John M. Bennett


John M. Bennett

233 pp.  $19

ISBN 978-1-938521-41-6

“Poetry”in many experimental or avant modes and voices, and in a mix of languages, sounds, and visualities. John M. Bennett practices a true yet new trans-linguistic art, which is at the same time deeply embedded in language and its history as the primary context of the many layers of human consciousness.  "This is not poetry." -  Jack A. Withers Smote


the and


osteo mentation ,griminal

inmintation’s sugary shirt

it’s where yr “shshoe” ‘s

debrides a coin a coff a

cabalgata de intonsos de

los sin piel los inde

dictos carrying the tongues

in bloody pockets )your

wheezing collar((


napkins ,and a swallowed dirt



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