Ohio Grimes and Misted Meanies

John M. Bennett, Ben Bennett, Bob March, & Jack Wright

Audio recording of a live performance at The Ohio state University’s Urban Arts Space, 2010




Ahhh Dog

John M. Bennett, Nicolas Carras, Allan Revich


DVD with Booklet; includes Fifteen Short Pieces, Studio 1-9, Be Blank, & John M. Bennett in Paris


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La Vista Gancha

John M. Bennett

Book (left): $7.00

Poems in Spanish/Poesía en Español 


Audio CD (right): $10.00

Book & CD together: $15.00

The audio CD is a reading of the entire book book by Juan Angel Italiano



Multimedia DVD (pictured below): $12.00

Includes LA VISTA GANCHA, text and read by Juan Angel Italiano, plus

many other works and performances by Bennett with Nicolas Carras, Scott Helmes, Allan Revich, Be Blank Consort, C. Mehrl Bennett, Larry Marotta, John Also Bennett, Warren Fry, Jim Leftwich, Martin Gubbins, Brad Chris, Michael Peters, K. S. Ernst, Olchar E. Lindsann, & Ben Bennett.



Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.Magnetic Poems by Matthew Stolte
Publisher Luna Bisonte Prods
Published November 21, 2010
Language English
Pages 23
Binding Saddle-stitch Paperback
Interior Ink Full color
Dimensions (inches) 9.0 wide × 7.0 tall
These clean, crisp-looking visual poems stand in contrast to Matthew Stolte’s recent work which makes much use of smeared paint and ink, partial forms, layerings, and other devices to create a veritable storm of lettristic forms and words. In these Magnetic Poems the colorful letter-forms are stable as found, and merely arranged on galvanized metal sheets. There is, however, an inherent instability in the original pieces, in that anyone could move the magnetic letters around. So this book can be seen as a moment stopped in time, as these pieces no doubt look different today. Because even moving them around is likely to jostle their arrangement. Thus this book is a talisman to the inherent protean nature of poetry and of the language of which it is made. -John M. Bennett
(Includes and introduction by Matthew Stolte.)


confined (space). by Sarah AhmadSupport independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Publisher Luna Bisonte Prods
Published July 11, 2010
Language English
Pages 63
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.31 lbs.
Dimensions (inches) 5.8 wide × 8.3 tall

Sarah Ahmad was born less then 25 years ago in India, moved to Pakistan, and has migrated to Canada since this book was published. She's created a small book of delicate visual poetry using variations of brightness/darkness/contrast of a few black and white photos with fascinating text layering effects and variations on mood. We see and read of a veiled woman living and working in a confined (space). Images are printed on their own page; the verso side is left blank to allow (space). You can also experience Sarah's textual poetry via a free PDF download provided by editor Jeffrey Side of Argotist E-Books- at